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“Why is Hollywood so Obsessed with Men?”

Woman As Subject

If I’d have predicted how much the Bechdel Test would ruin my enjoyment of cinema, then I might rather not have known about it. For those of you who remain blissfully ignorant, it’s a simple way of thinking about the way that women are represented in whatever film you happen to be watching, thereby ruining it forever. The idea is that to pass the Test, 2 female characters need to have a conversation on their own that isn’t about the male characters in the film. This in turn was based on Virginia Woolf’s pondering in a 1929 essay about the way that female characters are “almost without exception […] shown in their relation to men”.

Learning about the Bechdel Test is a bit like walking through the looking glass – things are never the same again. Since I heard about it I have of course evaluated every single film I have…

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