school classroom

VIDEO: the problem with school uniform rules

Ever heard someone’s school uniform being described as ‘distracting’?

Did you go to a school where girls and boys had to wear a different uniform?

LIF created the following documentary to investigate the problems with school uniform rules:

With thanks to Laura McInerney (Schools Week), Kate Salt (ARXX band), students Evie, Rosie, Miriam, Iona, Verity, Asia, Florence, Amal, Ophelia, Cecile, Victoria Showunmi (Lecturer, UCL IoE), Jessica Ringrose (Professor of Sociology of Gender and Education at UCL IoE) and Emilie Lawrence (PhD, UCL IoE).

Also thanks to Soraya Chemaly and Laura McInerney for their articles which got us talking in the first place.

See more about the data we cite here.

And add your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

Featured image credit: ajari from Japan via Creative Commons.

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